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1) Our first step is designing. Once a product has been sketched out we send it over to our factory where a CAD model is made (which is a computer sketch of the design). 

2) The factory then sends this CAD model back to us for approval, and we check the shape, proportions of the design and if everything looks technically correct. Once this is approved, the factory then moves on to start production.


3)The first step of production is 3D printing the computer design into a wax model, which is made out of resin.

4) The next step is the casting process, where the wax model is casted into metal. We cast our master models in silver.

5) Once the model is made, it is checked and approved by our team before we start with the final stage of production which is casting the model in gold.

6) After the gold cast has been created the jeweler will see if everything looks good and if anything needs to be filed down.

7) The next step for the jeweler is to set the stones. 

8) And last but not least, the final step of the process is polishing the jewelry and making sure all the stones are securely set. Also at this stage we stamp all our pieces with 18K & brandname- tanisaJewelry.

9) Once the jewelry has been made, we receive it at our office in Hong Kong where it is checked by our team to see if the quality and standards meet our requirements. If not we send it back for repair. 

At tanisaJewelry we take pride in the products we offer to our customers, and ensure that we will always give you the finest product, well-crafted with great thought and care by a team of artisans and skilled setters at our factory.

Diamond Sourcing:

At tanisajewelry we only use high quality natural diamonds (G colour, VS clarity) which are ethically sourced from our suppliers who follow socially responsible practices. All our diamonds are also tested twice by the ‘AMS2 machine’ by DeBeers to ensure that they are natural. We also double check our diamonds once they are set in our jewelry through the 'SYNTHdetect' machine by DeBeers.

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