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Our Materials


“I want to encourage women to thoughtfully spend their hard-earned money towards quality, fine jewelry- something that will make them feel luxurious while also choosing the best for their skin”- Tanisa Nahata, founder of tanisaJewelry


Solid 18k Gold:

The reason why we at tanisaJewelry make all our products in solid gold is because it is one of the precious metals that will not oxidise or discolour, since it is the least reactive metal. However due to the softness of gold, we have chosen 18k alloy as this keeps our gold ratio as pure as possible, while still making sure our jewelry is durable and does not wear out easily. This means you can wear our products everyday, 24/7 and not have to worry about it's beauty wearing off.



At tanisajewelry we only use high quality natural diamonds (G colour, VS clarity) which are ethically sourced from our suppliers who follow socially responsible practices. All our diamonds are also tested twice by the ‘AMS2 machine’ by DeBeers to ensure that they are natural. The reason why we use natural diamonds is because they are one of the hardest naturally occurring substances on earth, and therefore will let you shine for a long time.



All of our findings (from chains to locks) are also crafted in solid 18k gold, because we believe every little detail matters. We source these with great thought and care to make sure they are high quality, durable materials while also making sure they are comfortable on the skin and easy to use.  


Use warm soapy water are scrub lightly with a toothbrush to keep your jewelry looking brand new.

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